LlamaMoon Games is a game development group with LlamaDev and OsirisMoon.

We are currently working on a top-down dungeon crawler game called Aspect.

What Is Aspect?

Aspect is an early access roguelite live action retro inspired dungeon crawler game, featuring:

Venture into the caves, and explore the depths of the dungeon, to find the loot that hides inside. Will you make it through the gleaming crystal caves, and through the swarms of enemies inside? And when you defeat them, will you take the power of the enemies for your own?

Aspect is an early access roguelite dungeon crawler game, where the player can delve into the dungeon and encounter a variety of monsters, with a variety of weapons, and unlock each monster's Aspect - the monster's power, under the player's control, as an accessory. Two different caves with their own diverse cast of enemies and loot can be explored, but many more caves are planned too - alongside a lot more weapons, enemies, aspects, and systems. The aim of the finished game is replayability - no two playthroughs will be the same.

Will you make it through the dungeon and collect all the aspects?

How Can I Play It?

Aspect Early Access is available to
wishlist now on steam.
It will be available for purchase on
the 20th of May 2022